Three photos of attendees at previous LIPS events


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LIPS 2018

LIPS-style workshop from IPS 2018

Data to Dome: How do we make it live and interactive?

Mini LIPS 2018 Documents

This Mini LIPS took place just before the SEPA-WAC started.

LIPS-style workshop on Learning Styles during SEPA-WAC 2018:

LIPS 2017

Mini LIPS 2017 Documents

Mini LIPS 2017 took place just before the Pleiades, the US national planetarium conference.

LIPS 2016

Assorted references

Mike Francis’s presentation skills workshop

Toshi Komatsu’s CosmoQuest presentation

  • (link defunct)

2017 Great American Eclipse information and activities

Instructions and parts list for Dave Bradstreet’s fabric gravity well vortex

Jeff Nee’s presentation about NASA’s Museum Alliance

Amy Truksa’s Mapping the Constellations

2016 Group Photo

LIPS 2015

LIPS 2012

LIPS 2011

Three LIPS 2023 attendees look through telescopes on stands of various heights. Because of the heights, they are standing, crouching, and almost kneeling, to comical effect

Telescope shenanigans, LIPS 2023

LIPS 2022 attendees stand in a circle outdoors on a sunny day, preparing for a kinesthetic workshop.

LIPS 2022 kinesthetic workshop

During a LIPS 2022 session in the planetarium dome, a woman stands on a theater seat. She is either catching or throwing a basketball-sized ball.

LIPS 2022 workshop activity. Precarious!

16 faces in a Zoom window during LIPS 2020

Obligatory 2020 Zoom group photo

A group of about two dozen LIPS 2022 attendees hold different-colored balloons during the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram activity. They are arranged by spectral class and luminosity of the stars their balloons represent.

LIPS 2019 Hertzsprung-Russell activity

An instructor at LIPS 2018 stands at the front of a classroom, next to a large monitor that is showing a presentation slide. Participant sit in chairs arrayed in a semicircle.

LIPS 2018 workshop

A LIPS 2014 attendee practices using a sextant.

LIPS 2014 sextant workshop