Three photos of attendees at previous LIPS events

LIPS 2024 Sponsorship

There is one level of LIPS 2024 sponsorship: $450 US.

Sponsor benefits

  • One full registration is included in the sponsorship fee. Additional sponsor registrations can be purchased at the standard attendee rate.
  • Twenty minutes of interactive demonstration time. Given the nature of the symposium, we are requiring that all sponsors present a live and interactive demonstration rather than simply playing back pre-rendered content. In fact, we strongly encourage sponsors to have a customer do the presentation rather than a company representative.
  • Or, if you prefer to do a more traditional sales pitch, we will allot five to 10 minutes for this. Please inform us when you sign up for your sponsorship which type of presentation you prefer.
  • Every attendee will have the opportunity to attend your demonstration.
  • There is a limit of 10 sponsors for LIPS. Your message will not get lost in the crowd!
  • We will supply a table for promotional items if you wish to provide them.
  • Your logo on this webpage.

Questions? Concerns? Contact:

Mark Webb
LIPS sponsor liaison

Three sequential closeups of four LIPS 2022 attendees during an active part of the kinesthetic activity